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A. Bertucci e moglieAttached is another photo taken in 1969 of my Grandpa Giuseppe Bertucci (age 83) in his garden. Like all Italians he loved his garden.

This photo was taken at their home in Milbrae, Ca (South of San Francisco).

When they moved in to their home the first thing he did was plant his garden.

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Their was a small front yard and it had lawn. He was planning on digging it all up and plant a garden. My father had to stop him. A lawn needs water, but Grandpa felt that why water something you can’t eat.

The next three taken in 2002 of our Great Granddaughter Bailey (she is 2-1/2).

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My back yard does not get much sun, but I try to grow tomatoes. Bailey loves my tomato garden and only want to eat them from the vine. I know my Grandpa would have loved seeing this.

Love to family

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