Americani (Manfrè) salutano Ustica

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One thought on “Americani (Manfrè) salutano Ustica

  1. Farewell to Ustica and all the wonderful people in Ustica, mio caro Usticesi !!!! I miss you all now. Such a wonderful place to live !!!! Your life there is so beautiful !!!! A simple life like it was many years ago in America.
    Can never thank Pietro and Pina enough for the wonderful hosting of my cousin Laurie and myself. We got to see all the historical sights of Ustica plus meet all of you, and such good Mangia!! Pina must be la migliore cook in the world !!!!
    The experience of playing the vecchio Organo nella chiesa San Ferdinando I will always remember !! Such a big honor !!! My thanks to Vito and Tonino Ailara and Padre Andrés for making that possible.
    So good also to meet with cugini Rosa Salerno and Letizia Manfrè and her family. Also wonderful Cena with Aldo and Delfina Cannella, Mangia, Mangia !!
    Dio Benedica tutti gli Usticesi, a presto, sei benvenuto nella mia casa Marilena Marchese (Manfrè)

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