Amici usticesi conosciuti su usticasape

[ id=12879 w=320 h=240 float=left] What a wonderful experience to meet Mario Oddo, newphew Alfredo and Mario’s family while in Palermo. I had always read his Usticasape comments with interest, and now we are amici from across the world, thanks to Pietro’s Usticasape.

Mario and family were so very helpful and hospitable to my cousin Laurie and myself during our visit in Palermo. They drove us around in the crazy city traffic, took us to see Cattedrale Monreale and also Mondello. And now Mario is continueing to seek more documenation of our Marchese, Anello and Manfrè families that lived in Monreale in the 1800’s. We are so grateful for all their time and concern for us. May God bless their lives for their Biblical hospitality, which is taking in “strangers.”

Marlene Marchese Manfre


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