Da New Orleans Chris Caravella – Presidente della Congregazione di San Bartolomeo Apostolo Augura a tutti Buone Feste

Cari Soci,

Warmest holiday greetings to all members of the Congregazione di San Bartolomeo Apostolo!

Most of you are aware of the Ustica Blog run by Pietro Bertucci ( www.usticasape.it and there is also a link to it from www.ustica.org).  This is an Italian site with an English translation tool and I can see that many from the Usticese-American community are posting to the site.  I mention the site because the photo I attached to this email is from the site.   As far as I can tell it was taken by Pietro on Ustica this past December 22 during a period of rough seas.   I was immediately struck by the naturalistic beauty of the photo and its incredible, well-balanced design.   Complimenti per la foto Pietro!   I use it as the background on my PC and thought it would be a great gift to pass on to you.   It touches my soul each time I see it and keeps alive that passion to return to the island some day.


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