Da Portland Texas Joyce Spampneto Richardson

Thank you Pietro for sending the photos ….. they were beautiful as ever.
Looking at the pictures, we stop and remember the true meaning of Easter…the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior….
Hope you and your family is doing well.
I try to keep in touch with Maria Giovanna and Annalisa on Facebook. I always ask about Sebastiano and Anna, on how they are doing. Hope both are well.
If you see them, give them Hugs from me….. Much love to all.
Sebastiano Spampinato is my first cousin His father Antonino and my Grandfather Domenico were brothers.
Domenico Spampinato (was my Grandfather) who married Maria [Mary] Picone Joyce Spampneto Richardson
Have a blessed day…..and thank you for everything you do.



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