Dalla California Tom Robershaw

[ id=2575 w=200 h=200 float=left] Pietro,
I apologize for not writing earlier – – I have been busy at work since I returned from Sicily. It was great to meet you, Maria Manfre and Maria’s family. Visiting Ustica was certainly the highlight of my trip. What a surprise to meet relatives of our great, great grandmother. Ustica is a wonderful place – – the sea, the history and the gracious people. I am definitely recommending a visit to all of my friends and relatives.

By the way, if you, the Manfres or anyone else ever wants to visit Southern California, please let me know. I want to offer to everyone the same hospitality that was given to me.

I am studying Italian every day, so hopefully I can write to you in Italian in the future.

Love and thanks,

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