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Angelo Bertucci e moglie

Caro Pietro,

Your website brings back a lot of memories, especially the photo’s. I’ve been going over my photos and I have many that need to be shared.

I’m attaching three taken in 1941 during many of our trips to Pedro Point. It is South of San Francisco and reminded my Grandparents and Father of the shores of Ustica. Giuseppe Bertucci, Rosina Palmisano-Bertucci and me Angelo Bertucci. My father took the photos. I enjoyed the trips as a child, especially getting and eating the sea urchins. The photos show the rizzi’s we picked. I sure miss those days.

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The other photo was taken in 1939 with my Grandpa and I in our backyard in San Francisco. It was a typical Italian garden. No space was wasted.

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The one thing I remembered about my Grandpa was he was always sharply dressed. I’m sure you heard about the April 9, 2010 picnic in NOLA that a number West Coast Ustica cousins are planning to attend. Gerry and I will be going. I’m looking forward to the trip. We are thinking of an Ustica trip in 2011.

Love to the family


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