Incontro Comunità Usticese a New Orleans – (ultime 16 di 36 foto)

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Il Saluto del Sindaco ai componenti la Congregazione San Bartolomeo di New Orleans:

“I wish to send Pietro Bertucci a request to share my greeting to the Usticese community. I often get the feeling that our God painted a masterpiece when painting our beautiful Sicily. God was so impressed by his great work of art that he decided to sign this masterpiece with the island of Ustica. That is how the island of Ustica was created. Sometimes when I study the history of Ustica, I get the feeling that Ustica was not formed solely by the sea, but by all the men from near and far. Men from Pantelleria, the monks of Casamari, the pirates, the Eoliani colony, philosophers and designers, those seeking political asylum, men from Libia, all different types of men who left their mark.
Sometimes, I get the feeling that whoever walks on the soil of Ustica automatically becomes attached to it. Maybe, its the warmth of the volcano. Now, thanks to Pietro, so many descendants of Ustica continue to follow us in whatever part of the world they are in. I am certain that each and everyone is proud to belong to Ustica and carry on the tradition and the identity of our community.
Let us stay united, let us stay Usticesi in every part of the word. And, to all Usticesi, we extend our greetings and thanks for keeping the name Ustica high.”

The Mayor Aldo Messina

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