Magnifica serata in casa Rosa ed Angelo Ricciardi – Covington (LA) –

I am writing to tell you how much we enjoyed your visit. As you know, my grandmother, Maria Morettini was from Foligno in Umbria and my grandfather, Charles D’Antonio, was from Palermo.
Also, the parents of my wife, Filomena, Angelo and Rosa Ricciardi were born and raised in Pescopagano, Potenza, Basilicata before they moved to the United States.
Through my service with the United States Navy, I have been stationed twice in Italia, in Roma and in Napoli. I have had an opportunity to also visit Capri, Sorrento, Firenze, Amalfi, Venezia, Assisi, Pescopagano and Foligno.
However, I have not had an opportunity to visit Ustica. After learning that my good friend, and brother-in-law has family from Ustica, we wish to plan to travel to Ustica for a reunion one day. Please give my best to the Mayor – il Sindaco, and I hope we will see you there!
Ci vediamo!

Christopher Mora

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