Primo pasto ad Ustica – pasta al forno

[ id=12880 w=320 h=240 float=left]   First Meal in Ustica – Wonderful Pasta al Forno by Pina Nava Bertucci.

Usticesi from America, Laurie and Marlene Marchese Manfre, having wonderful meal with Pina, Pietro, and Daniele.

People living in Ustica are almost living in the “Garden of Eden.” Daily they have fresh vegetables, fruits, bread and fish, and of course Pasta. And all local or from Palermo, not from around the world on a plane or boat.

Where else can you buy fresh fish, the catch of the morning ?? Vegetables grown in rich soil or capers picked wild ??

Ustica is truly a wonderful place to live or visit !!!!

Marlene Marchese Manfre


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