Mario Tranchina (Marietta) con il cetriolo (“cucummuru”) usticese

Mario Tranchina (Marietta) con i cetrioli (cucummuru) usticese


Dalla California Agostino Caserta

Hi Marene, this cucumber that you see are in the family of english and persian cucumbers, but much closer in look and taste to the persian and longer, and are excellent for salads or you can eat them plain like some people do with celery. These are tipical sicilian but the one from Ustica are special because the volcanic soil. They are crancy and slitely softer and sweeter  to the bite then the persian. They are special also because the odor. I give you an exemple : the white peaches have an umistakable special odor, well these cucumber from Ustica have a caratteristik special taste and odor too. Next time in Ustica try it. Talk to you soon, Wish you a nice day.


Dalla California Marlene Robershaw

Maybe this is not CUCUMBER, as in the translation, but the long, long squash that is famous in Sicily?? I love this squash !!! Marlene Robershaw, Manfre

Mario e i cetrioli

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