Un giorno speciale per Marilene Robershaw Manfrè

Millegrazie, for the compleanno auguri. What a surprise !!! Didn’t know Pietro remember my birthday !!! Thank you all for birthday greetings: Pietro ed Pina, Salvio, Floriana ed Davide, Giovanni, Mariangela, Agostino ed Michelle, and of course son Tom !

Marito Ron and I have wonderful birthday on Isole di Coronado in San Diego. I love the ocean, so always go there for birthday. We love to watch the Tramonto, many walks at beach, visit Hotel Del Coronado, and eat good fish!! Some day soon, God willing, I will do the same in Ustica, and meet some of you Usticesi there.

God bless your Christmas,

Marlene Robershaw (Manfre)

Photo 1 shows the Brigantine Restaurant for my birthday !!! At Coronado Island !!! We ate Swordfish, mangia !!!
Photo 2 shows Hotel Del Coronado, famous hotel from 1880’s, all of U.S. presidents have stayed here
Photo 3 shows Tramonto san Diego
Photo 4 shows the baby of friend from Misilmeri, Palermo. The hat you give Tom’s little boy not fit, he has too big of head, so Tom give nice hat to baby Giovanni. It fits him fine. Picture looks like baby saying “Viva Italia !.”

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