Visiting Norman Castle Chapel Palermo Sicily

[nggallery id=545]  If you have not been to Palermo and visited the Norman Castle Chapel, this is just part of the beauty there. It is almost as famous as the Cathedral at Monreale. The Norman Chapel is completely done in tiny Byzantine Mosiacs and some murals. These pictures are of one wall with the mosiacs and also the alter with the “Pantocrator” picture of Christ, Pantocrator standing for “all powerful.”

This Chapel was used by King Roger 11, at the beginning of the 12th century, but started before in the 11 century.Over 800 years old !!!!
If you have never seen this, put it on your list of things to see in Palermo, after you go to Ustica of course.
How wonderful that the nephew of Pietro had his wedding here.

Marlene Marchese Manfre


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